Asset Search & Investigation – Pakistan

Asset search and investigation services include the locating of public records that confirm personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. These approaches uncover value and any potential liabilities that may be related to property or other valuables. Such services occur regularly to help individuals and organizations in satisfying their due diligence, personal disputes, debt recovery, and financial statement verification during a family or child support case.

Our private detectives and investigators use many means to determine the facts in a variety of matters. To carry out investigations they may use various types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts such as an individual’s place of employment or income, they may make phone calls or visit his workplace. In other cases especially those involving missing persons and background checks, our investigators often interview people to gather as much information as possible about any individual. In all cases, our private detectives and investigators assist other attorneys, businesses, and the public with a variety of legal, financial, and personal problems.

Asset Search & Investigation Services in Pakistan

You may contact our representative in finding more information on asset search and background investigation services in Pakistan. Locate assets to satisfy a judgment, debt, or other collection matter, determine the economic viability of litigation, locate assets of a decedent or incompetent person, perform a background check on a prospective employee, develop more detailed information on the financial condition of a business or individual or locate missing witnesses, debtors, heirs, etcetera.

ZA-LLP is a full-service private investigation and consulting firm that has recruited many retired people from intelligence agencies and has experience handling the investigation in various areas of Pakistan. We are also specialized in litigation, investigative support, corporate verification, fraud, and due diligence, employee pre-screening background investigations, and material custody. Our comprehensive investigator database will match you with a qualified professional to meet your investigative needs. We are well known for our tireless work ethic and relentless effort pertaining to checking spouses, criminal, and civil backgrounds, insurance, and security. Some of our specialties are: