Introduction to the Law of Pakistan

Law means rules or a set of rules followed by the people, made by the state or government.


The law is made by the government for the benefit of its people. People of the state must follow this and have awareness about laws. The law has punishments, justice relies on the behavior of its people. The law protects the life of people and also protects their rights. The law protects civil rights, criminal rights, fundamental rights, privacy rights, legal rights, and beneficiary rights. The law regulates society and plays a vital role in keeping the peace. Laws are made to decrease the ratio of crimes in our community. Laws always protect our values and norms.
Kinds of Law…
There are different laws such as

  1. Civil law
  2. Criminal law
  3. Constitutional law
  4. International law
  5. Tort law
  6. Islamic law
  7. Muslim family law