The Qanoon-e- Sahadat 1984

A written paper or printed material, expressed and described, giving information about or proof of something.


  • Writing is a document.
  • Words printed, map, plan, and lettering on a plate is a document.
  • A blood spot on a cloth is a document.
  • A sketch of any kind is a document.
  • Video Cassatt and any kind of film is a document.
  • Recording audio or video is a document.


The thought of a person which is represented in any material is a document. If a document is not fully proven, not an admissible piece of evidence. All forged documents produced in court, have the power to inspect or originality of the documents to check unless both the party have no objection to the originality of the document.

Types of documents.

There are two types of documents.

  1. oral document
  2. documentary evidence

1- Oral document.

All statements which Courts permit to inquire about to matter of facts before it by witnesses.

2- Documentary evidence.

All documents produced for the inspection of the court.

Note. Documentary evidence cannot be denied by oral evidence.